1 Trust  WATCH
2 Calling Around the World (2015 remix)   WATCH
3 Lotta Love   WATCH
4 Love Like Lennon   WATCH
5 Make Me Want You (Remix)   WATCH
6 This Time I Feel It (Remix)   WATCH
7 Colour (Remix)    
8 Trust (Fidelity Mix)    
9 Lotta Love (Extended Remix)    
10 Love Like Lennon (Extended Remix)    
11 Make Me Want You (Extended Remix)    
12 This Time I Feel It (Extended Remix)    
13 Colour (2015 remix)    
14 Trust(Where Do You Think Remix)    

All vocals by Thomas Donovan

Love Like Lennon is Produced by Thomas Donovan and Greg Reely. Recorded at Armoury Studios, Vancouver, Canada.

Lotta Love is produced by George Leger, Thomas Donovan and Greg Reely.
Programming and arrangement at Utopia Parkway.
Recorded and mixed at Armoury Studios, Vancouver, Canada.


Thomas Donovan and Digital Dreams Music release DiVERGENT BEAT

DiVERGENT BEAT is a collection new songs and remixes of Thomas Donovan's best electro-pop-dance tracks.

Thomas Donovan is a Canadian musician with world wide appeal. He has written many songs which express cultural and political themes, human rights, environmental issues and legal progress and renewal. As a Pop/dance/house/electronica hit maker Thomas Donovan has written and produced many radio and club tracks equipped with electrifying videos.

Thomas’ music is a synthesis of electronica, big beat synth-pop, fused with luscious vocal melodies. To date, his mini-label Digital Dreams Music, has released many full album CD's and a selection of 12 inch singles. Thomas’ music career has produced 21 radio and club hits that continue to generate airplay across South America, Asia, Europe, and abroad.

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