1 Game Of Love play  
2 She'll Do What She Wants   play
3 Get Over It play  
4 Driving You    
5 Dontcha Do Back play  
6 Trance    
7 She'll Do What She Wants (Dance Mix)    
8 Driving You (Extended Version)    
9 All We Need For Christmas   play


Thomas Donovan’s album, Trance is a unique collection of electronica pop ranging from high energy dance to melodic dreamy ballads, including one of his most successful radio hits, "All We Need For Christmas".

The 90's club favorite "She'll Do What She Wants" and "Dontcha Go Back" also included on this album, received considerable rotation on radio and club circuits in Canada and throughout the Pacific northwest. "All We Need For Christmas" continues to be a seasonal hit on many radio stations in North America.